Pin Up to Anima – Nylon Stockings Rule

From the romantic, nostalgic, retro pin up look to the hot sexy Japanese Anima perfect woman look, the new Love Me line of thigh high nylon stocking brings chic sensuality back.

Designed to make women want to wear nylon stockings and for men to fall at their feet, the entire collection is sensual and glamorous yet fun – making it one of this season’s must-have accessories. Especially under those wrap skirts, split skirts, mini skirts and hot pants that have been showing up in designers' collections.

The Love Me line of thigh high nylon stockings is unique and inspired by both the pin-up cartoons of 1950s and Japanese Manga comics and Japanese Anima.

Trendy or chic, the initial Love Me range is distilled into two distinct collections. The Pin-Up collection focuses on classic retro glamour featuring very chic personalized classic nylon stockings in a wide range of colors. There are 20-denier and 40-denier yarns, voile, tulle, designer effect and prints.

While the La Manga collection contains ultra-fashionable nylon stockings in bold prints and classic opaques. Love Me's vision of the Manga girl encompasses "a seductive posture, a warlike attitude, a virtually perfect body with long slender legs, a sexy and well stated wardrobe with daring and flashy colors!"

La Manga collection features bold prints nylon stockings designed to lure younger women into developing a passion for thigh high nylon stockings. A variety of soft 20-denier and 40-denier yarns, voile, tulle, patterns and prints are all carefully-finished with designer silicone tops which makes them not only stunning but comfortable. A pleasure to wear whatever the occasion, they can be relied upon to stay in place. Generous sizing makes them a godsend for ladies with long legs.

The full range of thigh high nylon stockings includes 21 different products offering a delicious choice of colors such as greedy pink and captivating black. Patterns and styles vary but attention to detail is intense.

Three leg packs – enticingly called ‘the three little rascals’ – add the reassurance of a pair and a spare. Many others come with a free gift - whether it be a garter or "seduction clip" - a range of interchangeable bows, hearts and charms that attach to the top and can be removed and kept forever.

Love Me launched it collection of fashion stockings exclusively through the international on line hosiery retailer

As David Bradwell of explained: “For us, Love Me was more a case of Love at First Sight. is dedicated to the pursuit of passionately beautiful hosiery.

The stunning designs from Love Me, beautifully made and attractively presented were therefore a must-have addition to our collection. The perfect accompaniment to this season’s trend for retro glamour, they are destined to put legs back into the spotlight.”

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New York Hispanic Lawyer Crowned Miss Latina US

Melissa Quesada, a lawyer from New York, won the 20th annual Miss Latina US pageant.

Melissa Quesada - Miss Latina US in Bikini
Melissa Quesada
Miss Latina US
in Bikini

Melissa will represent the USA at the 2006 Miss Latin America world competition.

After seeing her stunning bikini shot and the shot from the bikini competition, it is easy to see why this dazzing Hispanic beauty was chosen as Miss Latina US.

A current resident of New Rochelle, New York, Melissa Quesada was born in the Bronx 26 years ago of Puerto Rican parents. The Latina beauty is a graduate of Hofstra School of Law and is currently employed at a New York law firm, proving intelligence can be combined with beauty.

Miss Latina US Bikini Contest
Miss Latina US
Bikini Contest

The New York delegate beat out 17 other delegates from 13 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. Four delegates represented Colombian, Guatemalan, Mexican and Panamanian women who live in the US and not the states where they reside.

Karina De la Rosa, a Dominican psychology student from Rhode Island was First Runner-Up, followed by pre-Med student Keren Kinglow, Miss Panama U.S. Latina. Completing the top 7 were Jessica Garcia of Utah, Argentina Ruiz of Arizona, Laritza Garcia of Maryland, and Angeles Gonzalez, Miss Mexico US Latina.

Melissa Quesada Miss Latina US
Melissa Quesada
Miss Latina US

Quesada will represent the US at the 2006 Miss Latin America Pageant, competing with delegates from North, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

The Pageant also featured Reggaeton performers, including the Reggaeton group La Familia.

This year pageant was held at the Barceló Maya Beach Resort, site of the 2003 National and International Pageants in Riviera Maya-Cancun, Mexico.

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From Belly Dancer to Sexy School Girl - Fantasy Costumes

Boy, I just love the movements of a belly dancer - the rhythmical movements of the hips, the movements of the breasts as you undulate and roll that belly.

One of the most seductive dances - sensuous and hot.

This belly dancer outfit is just right for displaying your own rhythmical movements.

The see through royal blue mesh harem pants highlights your legs.

Just watch your audience reaction as you pass in front of a bright light exposuring your glorious legs under the see thru mesh material.

Royal blue string bra top really displays your cleavage, and when you shake your boobies - WOW.

This is certainly, a very seductive costume - now shake and shimmy - and no one can stand in your way.

One of my favorite childhood games was playing doctor and nurse, and today I can live out that fantasy with this sexy head nurse costume.

Ever wonder why the women on Sex and the City always lament that all the good men are taken by the dental hygienist - well it the uniform.

And, this white micro mini dress really shows off your assets. From the stretch satin underwire zip front that really shows off your cleavage to the thigh high stockings legs that highlights your legs, you will certainly be noticed.

But, be careful, since this sexy head nurse costume is sure to make your patient's blood pressure rise.

Hum, doctor do you need anything.

I think most woman just love being daddy little girl, or for that matter, a lusty, sexy school girl.

I just love fantasy, and this sexy little school costume is just right.

From the white mesh see thru halter top - wear it with a push up bra to highlight your cleavage or wear it bare if you dare.

The bare mid drift really shows off your well firmed body - well with all those workout sessions at the gym - why not flaunt the results.

The ultra mini skirt really shows off your legs - or a glimpse of your brazilian cut ruffle panty.

I just love those white lace top ruffle stocks - very sexy.

And the high heel silver shoes - yummy.

Your really knock out daddy or your sugar daddy.

This wild and sexy school girl costume is really hot, hot, hot. . .

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From Over Weight to Miss Bikini America

Jennifer Nicole Lee, who melted away 70 pounds after the birth of her second son and went on to being crowned Miss Bikini America 2004, is writing a series of books called "Crack the Code: Unlock Your Fat Burning and Weight Loss Potential".

Jennifer Nicole Lee - Miss Bikini America 2004
Jennifer Nicole Lee
Miss Bikini America 2004

The books will be launched in early 2006, according to an interview by

Jennifer wants to become "the Arnold Schwarzenegger for women".

Her last competition was Miss Bikini Universe, where she came in first runner-up.

Her Bod Spray commercial is currently being shown in movie theaters and on TV.

Jennifer is also spokes model/hostess for "Soirees Des Millionaires," monthly parties catering to the insanely wealthy.

tied in purple strings

"In January, Soirees Des Millionaires will go on a lavish 11-day tour of Egyptian tombs, ruins and pyramids.

I am the face and image of the campaign.

I host everyone - to make sure they have a great time and while we are in Egypt,
we will be shooting a calendar for me in some amazing locations," Jennifer said.

Fashion and Function

Hot technology is always functional but it's even better when it's fashionable.

The new wave of
portable GPS handheld
makes navigating to destinations easy.

And, the beauty of these new portable, crystal-clear 3D GPS handheld devices is certainly hot and fashionable.

No more worrying about getting directions at a gas station - and how long has it been since gas stations even provided free maps or for that matter - real human attendants.

Just enter your destination into the portable GPS handheld and you will find the quickest, fastest route to your destination.

With clear maps and accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions finding that new location is a snap.

With your wireless, Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you can even download real time traffic and weather conditions.

Now, what could be more fashionable and functional than that?

Remember Britney Spears Hot Soda Pop Outfit in Drive Me Crazy

Remember, the hot, sexy soda pop girl outfit worn by Britney Spears in Drive Me Crazy.

Well, you know if Britney Spears wore the outfit - it's hot and sexy.

And, this retro glamour soda pop girl costume is very similar.

I just love the sexy pink outfit.

The short mini skirt dress really draws attention to your legs.

The black spandex fishnet stockings add allure.

And, the pink, high heel pumps - wow.

This is one really sexy, retro glamour looking costume.

It is sure to bring out the big tippers.

Now, what about double straws and a nice, big juicy ice cream float. Yummy!

This stretch satin waitress costume with very low cut scooping decolletage really focuses attention on your cleavage.

Add a push up bra or bustier and you will really kock them dead.

I just love the short mini skirt dress, it really shows off your legs.

This waitress outfit is a real showstopper.

And, the guys will have no trouble deciding when they read your satin apron - Coffee, Tea or Me.

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