Lagi lagi Foto Syur sarah dan rahma azhari hanya untuk sensasi mendongkrak popularitas

Artis Rahma Azhari membantah keras, beredarnya foto-foto syur dirinya bersama kakaknya, Sarah Azhari merupakan bagian dari skenario untuk mencari sebuah sensasi. Ibu satu anak ini meyakini, apa yang dialaminya saat ini merupakan tindakan orang-orang yang tidak suka terhadap dirinya.

"Kalau untuk sensasi saya pengen ngerjain sesuatu yang bikin bangga orang-orang dekat saya. Jadi nggak sama sekali. Saya juga punya anak cewek empat tahun, gimana kalau foto itu dilihat ama anak saya. Saya juga nggak mau bikin malu ibu saya," cerita Rahma dengan nada emosi dan menitikkan air mata. "Saya ngerasa lebih bahagia masa lalu saya dari pada sekarang," tambahnya.

Rahma yang didampingi pengacaranya Farhat Abbas, hari ini, Rabu (24/12) menggelar press conference di Plaza Basmar Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 106 Jakarta Selatan. Dalam keterangannya Rahma nampak beberapa kali terlihat terbawa emosi, apalagi dengan beberapa pertanyaan wartawan yang dianggap memojokkan dirinya.
Ditanya apakah ini sebagai bentuk keteledoran di pihaknya? ibu dari Oceans Camilla itu menyebut kalau teknologi saat ini sangat memungkinkan untuk sebuah rekayasa foto. "Teknologi sekarang sudah canggih. Foto saya dibikin telanjang," ungkap Rahma yang sebelumnya mengaku kalau fotonya itu asli hasil bidikan di Dreamland Bali."Saya juga bisa bikin foto kamu, jadi badan kamu, cuman kepala kamu Brad Pitt. Kalau mau bunuh karakter saya terus terang saya nggak mau lagi. Saya capek," ungkap Sarah emosi dengan menunjuk ke arah para wartawan.



Celebrity Models - Really Love Their Boots

Shannon Tweed in sexy fishnet panty hose and boots

Credit: Splash News
Shannon Tweed in sexy fishnet panty hose and boots

From Hollywood to Brentwood, hot sexy boots are the fashion accessory of the day.

Shannon Tweed likes Knee High Boots

Tall, Canadian actress and model Shannon Tweed really knows how to display a bit of leg.

Well, all we can say is she looks very sexy in fishnet pantyhose.

Just love the way her knee and thigh are framed by those knee high boots and black mini skirt.

The black trench coat with tied belt really completes this very sexy outfit as she picks up some coffee at the Starbucks in Hollywood Hills.

Shannon Tweed was a Playmate of the Year in 1982 and has appeared in over 60 films, including Meatballs III, Hot Dog . . . The Movie, Powerplay, Detroit Rock City.

She is married to rock star Gene Simmons of KISS and currently stars in a reality show on A&E entitled Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Sofia Vergara in studed boots, black mini dress, black shawl cardigan
Credit: World Faces / Splash News
Sofia Vergara likes studs in her boots

Sofia Vergara Likes Studs

Sexy Colombian model and actress Sofia Vergara really loves knee high boots with silver studs.

The statuesque 5 foot 7 inch tall model, spotted leaving the Hollywood hotspot Guys, looks super hot in a basic black sparkled with silver.

Sofia Vergara black mini dress, black shawl cardigan, long wavy brunette hair is breathtakingly enhanced with layers and layers of silver chain necklaces.

Vergara started her career at the age of 17 when she appeared in a Spanish language commercial for Pepsi.

Recently, she has played Jeremy Darling love interest in the ABC drama series Dirty Sexy Money.

She also played the part of Alcia Oviedo in the Colombian version of the television show Desperate Housewives.

Jodie March loves thigh high wet look boots
Credit: Splash News
Jodie March loves thigh high wet look boots

Jodie Marsh Thigh High Boots

British model Jodie Marsh enjoys thigh high boots so much, that she doesn't wear much else.

Jodie March was spotted at the Sugar Hut on High Street in Brentwood were she is celebrating her 30th birthday.

Jodie Marsh very sexy costume look included thigh high boots, very wide fishnet pantyhose, leopard spotted thong panties - kickers, a combination shelf bra, tie and halter top also in leopard print, plus a leopard hat and very punk hair style.

Of course, she is also wearing several body tattoos. Her numerous tattoos include the faces of Michael Jackson, Buddy Holy and Chuck Berry.

Jodie Marsh has a rosary and cross on her right wrist and the mottos My Crazy Life, Life's Too Short and Only God Can Judge Me.

Jodie was accompanied by her female hairdresser girlfriend Nina who was dressed as Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.

Other guests at the bash included former Big Brother winner Brian Belo accompanied by Shipwrecked star Naomi Millbank-Smith.

Gisele Buendchen Lights Up New Years

Gisele Buendchen appeared in New York's Times Square with members of her family to help in the final push to power the numbers 2-0-0-9, which will light up as the New Year's Ball drops.

Gisele Bundchen was recently reported to be engaged to NFL QB Tom Brady, however, stories from family members - Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen NOT Engaged - call the rumors not true.

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Mischa Barton with Victorian Style Glamor and Sexy

glamor and sexy

Mischa Barton with Victorian style glamor and sexy

Mischa Barton with Wedding Dress Model

Wedding Dress Model

Mischa Barton with wedding dress model

Mischa Barton in Jewelery Model Photo

jewelery model photo

Mischa Barton in jewelery model photo

Mischa Barton Sexy Model with Professional Photography


Mischa Barton sexy model with professional photography

Kan Mi Youn for Boys Magazine Covered

Korean girls, meet girls

Kan Mi Youn for boys magazine covered





Sexy Glittering Holiday Women Tops

The holidays are the time for you to glitter.

With the holidays and the New Year fast approaching, it's a great time to add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe.

Sexy women tops are always in, and this very sexy golden metallic lame spandex crop top adds glitter to any outfit.

Great for those holiday parties or for rocking in the New Year.

This brilliant golden crop women top goes with just about anything.

Truly a very hot and sexy crop top and a great addition to your wardrobe.

If you love to be daring and the center of attention, then this very sexy Shanghai Top is just what you been looking for.

The very sexy chiffon and satin ribbon bell sleeved wrap top lets you adjust the amount of cleavage you want to display.

How daring do you want to be?

Well, no matter how sexy you want to look - this wrap top is just the right topping.

The wrap top comes with a thong that features chinoiserie appliqué detail.

Or, perhaps you love to shimmer and shake under the glare of dance floor lighting.

Well, what better top to wear than a very shinny sequin women tank top.

This very reflective sequin tank top, lavished with sequins, captures the dramatic lighting of the dance floor.

You will set heads a turning, as you dance the night away.

This very sexy women sequin tank top is great to wear on top of any outfit or under a sexy jacket.

Sexy, hot and shinning - just the way you like it.

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Art Tattoo Piercing and Body Painting Festival

Tattoo Art

Art tattoo piercing and body painting festival in Paris.

Tattoo Art Festival and Body Painting Show

Tattoo Art, body painting

Tattoo art festival and body painting show in Paris. Her sexy tattoo piercing ...... is cute, nice and sensual looking.

Paris Convention Show of Body Painting and Art Tattoo Design

Tattoo Art

Paris convention show of body painting and art tattoo design

Tattoo Art Festival in France

Art Tattoo Art

Tattoo art festival in France

Ships Ahoy Asian Girls

Asian girls

Ships Ahoy Asian girls model photo

Celebrities Scatchies Sweet Wallpapers


Alessandra Ambrosio Pic Gallery

Here you can find an Alessandra Ambrosio picture gallery featuring high quality pictures from her modeling portfolio. The5’10” Brazilian is one of the sexiest models for Victoria's Secret she started out by enrolled in the Elite Modeling Agency. She graced the covers of many magazines and then signed up with Guess?. She has done her fare share of fashion shows. She has walked the ramp for the designers like Laura Biagiotti, Christian Lacroix, Byblos, Fendi, Issey Miyake, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Nicole Miller, and Oscar de la Renta, among others. She then entered into contract with Revlon cosmetics, Gap and then Calvin Klein eye wear and then Giorgio Armani. Enjoy the sexy Alessandra Ambrosio pic gallery.


Miss World 2008 Kesenia Hot Pic Bikini custom