Sexy Celebrities Invade the Pumpkin Patch

Gretchen Rossie in short denim cut off jeans and plaid tied shirt
Gretchen Rossie Giant Admirer

Warning: Beware of the giant pumpkin as you enter the pumpkin patch.

Gretchen Rossie's Daisey Mae Look

Our sexy housewife Gretchen Rossi from the television show The Real Housewives of Orange County doesn't seem to be heeding the warning as she is surrounded by pumpkins and a strange glare from behind.

Rossi certainly knows how to dress sexy in the pumpkin patch. As she walks through the pumpkin patch in a pair of very short, cut off denim jeans and small white top.

She tops the outfit off with an orange and white plaid shirt, a popular fall fashion item, tied in the front while showing off a lot of midriff.

Phoebe Price in sexy black leggings on a rocking horse
Phoebe Price on giant rocking horse

Gretchen Rossie recently won the Really Awards 2009 for Really Favorite Hottie. She beat a impressive list of reality stars in the category including Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars, Antonio Sabato, Jr., of My Antonio, Audrina Partridge of The Hills and Ray J of For the Love of Ray J.

The blond beauty recently revealed that her breasts are all natural and that she will not get breast implants.

The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County begins on Thrusday November 5, 2009 in the states.

Paris Hilton in mini dress and high heel holding a pumplin
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Paris Hilton balancing a pumpkin in high heels

Phoebe Price Rocking Hot Fashions

Our favorite red head, Phoebe Price is rocking up the pumpkin patch on a over sized wooded rocking horse.

Her sexy Halloween outfit includes knee high black riding boots, very sexy black spandex leggings with open slits up to her thigh. Price gray cape goes great with her long black gloves and very feathery hat. Her sexy outfit looks great on her blue rocking horse with pink and white mane.

Rock on Phoebe.

Paris Hilton Pumpkin Balancing Act

Looks like Paris Hilton likes them big, at least she seems to favor a big pumpkin.

We really love Hilton's sexy blue outfit and black leggings.

But we are really amazed by her weight lifting - or pumpkin lifting abilities. Hilton seems to just be able to counter balance the weight of the pumpkin in her very high heel shoes.

Well, after all, this is a pumpkin patch and not a fancy club, A-list store opening or red carpet event.

So even Paris Hilton has to use some leverage in her quest for the perfect pumpkin.

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Lindsay Lohan Mesmerized by Sexy Boots

Lindsay Lohan in low cut braless black top looks at boots
Lindsay Lohan mesmerized by sexy boots

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is mesmerized as she stares at a display of sexy, hot boots.

The actress and fashion designer really enjoys shopping, as you can readily see from her facial expressions, as she checks out several pairs of hot, sexy boots.

Lohan is also embracing one of the looks we noted on celebrities and runway models recently - a totally braless look.

She also seems to be courting the paparazzi attention as she smiles and grins, as she bends over to pickup a pair of boots or jacket to try on.

Lindsay Lohan braless in low cut black sequin top
Lindsay Lohan loves trying on boots and showing off cleavage

Lohan loves to try on outfits that focus attention on her Marilyn Monroe ish cleavage.

It seems she loves the 80s rock star look with tops or jackets sporting studded embellishments.

Boots also seem to be a passion with her.

She really seems quite transfixed on several pairs of boots in her very low cut black top with silvery sequins.

Lindsay Lohan in black sequin low cut top and black knee high boots
Lindsay Lohan in new outfit black sequin top and black towering knee high boots

Yes, nothing is so sexy as a low cut black top with silvery sequins, black leggings and a pair of towering high heel black knee high boots, a very sexy look, and sparkly on the dance floor.

A knitted, patch jacket, straight from the 80s, also goes well with the outfit.

Stay tuned, as we take more retro fashion tours down memory lane with Lindsay Lohan.

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Celebrity Pose for Magazine Cover

magazine picture

Celebrity pose for magazine cover

Shakira - Booty Shaking Moves

Shakira in black leggings with glittering booty pads
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Shakira moves her booty on SNL with glittery booty pads

Shakira who set the world's booties in motion with her hit song Hips Don't Lie is out with her new release She Wolf.

Her pervious smash hit single Hips Don't Lie resulted in numerous internet video producers creating mashups between Shakira sexy Latin beat and sexy dance moves by dancers turning up the heat with every musical beat.

Her new album She Wolf is due to be released in the US on November 23, 2009, the same date as Rihanna new album.

Shakira in black mini dress with silver sequins and black knee high boots
Shakira arrives at MTV VMA in black with silver mini dress and knee high black boots.

The single She Wolf, which has a very sexy booty beat, already has over five million plays on Shakira official MySpace page.

The song is really something to howl about.

Yep, Shakira let out a great big howl, before going into her booty shaking gyrations and hair fling routine, as she performed the feature track She Wolf on Saturady Night Live - SNL

Shakira danced to her feature track single She Wolf in a pair of very tight black spandex pants with oversized hip shaped black sequins that captured her hip movement.

Not only is Shakira a very talented singer but also a great and sexy dancer.

Her hip movements can rival the best belly dancer's hip movements, in fact, her friends use to call her the belly dancer.

Shakira in white with black poka dot mini dress and ankle open toe boots
Shakira attends Paris Fashion Week in a white with black dots mini flare skirt, leather jacket and ankle open toe boots.

What we also love about Shakira is that she is not only a very sexy singer and dancer, but also a very intelligent woman.

While other singers would going on parting and relaxing after a grueling tour, Shakira unwound from her last tour by taking a history course at UCLA in 2007.

According to news reports, Shakira dressed like a boy wearing a cap and a big backpack.

Although some people looked at her suspiciously, she was able to go unrecognized on UCLA campus.

If someone asks her name, she used one of her middle names Isabelle from her full name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

Yes, we really love Shakira and her booty shaking dance moves.

Be sure to visit the Shakira News page, for a glimpse of many more of Shakira sexy and unique outfits.

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Lucky Magazine with Miley Cyrus Model

lucky magazine

Punk Rocker Pictures

fashion magazine

Punk rocker pictures with Miley Cyrus

Hair Magazine Photo with Miley Cyrus Model

hair magazine

Hair magazine photo with Miley Cyrus model

Rihanna Sexy Garter Belts and Stocking Look

Rihanna in sexy black thigh high boots, stockings and garter belts - suspenders and eye patch
Rihanna sexy stockings and garter belts - suspenders

Rihanna is not only Breakin' Dishes but she is also setting fashion trends.

As we told you in our Lily Allen post, many top celebrities during Paris Fashion Week were sporting a very sexy look which included knee high boots or thigh high boots, with stocking, plus garter belts or suspender.

This very sexy look focused the viewer's attention on the legs, stockings and garter belts - suspenders.

The look was crowned with either a ultra short mini skirts or dresses.

Spotted wearing this new trend during Paris fashion week were Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pixie Geldof, Agyness Deyn, Lily Allen and Daisy Lowe.

Rihanna performing during the taping of a scene from her new music video

Rihanna seems to really embrace this look and, in fact, appeared in the film of a new music video in a ultra short gray mini dress with padded shoulders.

The padded shoulders look is also coming back into vogue.

But the really sexy part of her outfit were those thigh high boots, black fishnet stockings and black garter belts or as our UK readers prefer to call them suspenders.

Rihanna wore a black eye patch over one eye as she shot scenes for her upcoming music video on a bridge on a very cold night in New York City.

Although her new album is still untitled, its expected to be release in the states during the Thanksgiving week, with a new single from the album Russian Roulette released today.

Take a look at some additional photos from Rihanna music video taping in New York City in the photo story
Rihanna - Sexy Eye Patch and Sexy Black Stockings

For more Rihanna fashion news and pictures go to Rihanna Fashion News and Pictures.

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Fashions Made of Chocolate - Yummy Idea?

Laetitia Rey presents fashion made with chocolate at the 15th Salon du Chocolat
Model Laetitia Rey as she emerges from a golden and silver candy wrapper

Take two of a woman's favorite passions - chocolate and fashion.

Combine them and what do you get?

Well, in this case it's a fashion show were the fabric for each creation is made of chocolate.

Yummy idea, no?

Well, this was the idea behind the inauguration of the 15th annual Salon due Chocolate de Paris - fashions created out of chocolate.

Laetitia Rey presents fashion made with chocolate at the 15th Salon du Chocolat
Model Laetitia Rey in chocolate panties and corset complete with chocolate garter belts - suspenders

The show, the world largest show dedicated to chocolate, brought together fashion designers and over 140 chocolatiers from around the world.

For the 15th anniversary of the show, the pageant will be presented as a fairytale opera featuring chocolate couture dresses worn by celebrities.

The five day event October 14 - 18 will feature over 400 chocolate exhibitors.

To add sparkle to the show, the Belgian chocolate company Leonidas and Austrian crystal specialist Swarovski teamed together to build a replica of the Paris Opera with chocolate and crowned with crystals.

Claire Borotra presents fashion made with chocolate at the 15th Salon du Chocolat
Actress Claire Borotra wore a strapless mermaid gown made with chocolate,

The delicious couture show featured model Laetitia Rey as she emerges from a golden and silver candy wrapper to reveal a outfit make of chocolate.

The sexy lingerie creation was complete with chocolate colored panties and a corset made out of dark and white chocolate.

Rey even wore one of the popular themes of fashion week stocking and garter belts - suspenders made of chocolate.

The outfit was topped with a round oversized bonnet make out of chocolate.

Definitely a yummy design.

Actress Claire Borotra wore a very sexy, form fitting, strapless mermaid gown in, what else - chocolate, plus a very sweet chocolate bonnet.

For more delight creations from the show, be sure to visit the photo gallery and the video gallery for additional coverage.

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Celebrities Descend on the Pumpkin Patch

Shauna Sand in a crocheted cream color halter top with daughter Isabella Lamas
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Shauna Sand taking her daughter Isabella Lamas through the pumpkin patch

Over the weekend, celebrities and their off spring made the trek to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin or two to decorate for Halloween.

With Halloween less than three weeks away, the celebrities descended on Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch to find that just right pumpkin to carve out and perhaps, also turn it into a delicious pumpkin pie.

Christina Aguilera in denim jeans and flannel shirt with husband, Jordan Bratman and son Max
Christina Aguilera spotted with her husband, Jordan Bratman and son Max looking for a Halloween pumpkin

The celebrity families, along with other families, also enjoy the face painting and other activities for the kids at the pumpkin patch.

Shauna Sand and her three daughters

Shauna Sand and her three daughters enjoy a day of fun and pumpkin picking with their mom.

Sand, a former Playboy Playmate of the Month, enjoyed walking through the pumpkin patch while munching on some pizza.

She wore a crocheted cream color halter top tied in the back.

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Sand rounded out her outfit with a pair of sparkly new denim jeans and some towering platform shoes.

Christina Aguilera with husband and son Max

Also spotted in the pumpkin patch was singer and fashion designer Christina Aguilera spotted with her husband, Jordan Bratman and son Max.

Aguilera took on the mother nature look with subdued makeup and a pair of worn denim jeans with rips at the knee.

She wore a white multi-colored t-shirt with a plaid flannel sweat shirt worn as a jacket.

Plaid flannel shirts are becoming a popular fall fashion accessory, this fall.

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Natsuko Tatsumi Cute Japanese Girl

Japanese girls

Natsuko Tatsumi cute Japanese girl

Japanese Girls Mobil1 Car Racing Model

Japanese girls

Japanese girls mobil1 car racing model

Asian Girls Model Photo Pose for Car Racing

boys magazine

Asian girls model photo pose for car racing

Lily Allen - Black, Braless Tuxedo Dress and Suspenders

Lily Allen in garder strap - suspender embroidered with the pattern
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Lily Allen in pantyhose with garder strap - suspender embroidered in the pattern

Lily Allen, the new face of Chanel, was spotted leaving the trendy London's Groucho Club last night with new boyfriend Sam Cooper and her brother Alfie Allen.

For this occasion, Allen embraced the braless look in a very low cut tuxedo dress with over sized black belt.

She wore a heavy chain necklace and a loose fleecy wrap and carried a silvery clutch.

Allen also spotted a pair of very sexy, garter belt - suspender embroidered pantyhose.

Lily Allen braless in low cut black tuxedo dress
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Lily Allen braless in low cut tuxedo dress

Lily Allen is embracing the newest trend to emerge from Paris Fashion Week - visible garter belts or suspenders.

In this case, Allen wore a pair of black pantyhose with the garter belt - suspender look printed onto the pattern.

During Paris Fashion Week many top celebrities and models were spotted wearing either real garter belts - suspender or the imprinted two-tone tights embroidered with the pattern.

Lily Allen performs in sexy designer pantyhose
Lily Allen performs at designer Karl Lagerfeld Paris Fashion Week Show

Among the celebrities and models spotted wearing the garter belt - suspender look were Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pixie Geldof, Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe.

Earlier in the week, Lily Allen performed at the Grand Palais during the Paris Fashion Week show by designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The fashion show featured a barnyard setting and Allen performed her country single Not Fair at the show.

She spotted a pair of two-tone tights, which seems to be a growing fashion trend for spring and the new Chanel mocha nail color.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Lily Allen - Black, Braless Tuxedo Dress and Suspenders.

Halloween Shopping with Sexy Playmates

Sexy Nurse Halloween costume
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Sexy Nurse Halloween costume

Halloween always means a big, sexy party at the Playboy mansion, just take a peak at last year giant pumpkin.

This year, the bunnies are out early shopping for that very special, sexy costume that will surely turn head in their direction.

So lets follow these sexy models Irina Voronina, former January 2001 playmate of the month, Brooke Taylor and Jesse Golden as they shop for that perfect, sexy Halloween costume.

Who wouldn't want a sexy nurse to help dose a raging fever?

Especially when that sexy nurse costume consists of a very low cut push up bra to enhance the nurse's cleavage, a pair of very high cut panties with elastic garter belt to keep her stocking up and tight.

Yes, a sexy nurse is just the right look for a romantic and healing Halloween night.

Or perhaps, the sexy little school girl or daddy little girl look is right look for you.

Credit: Flynet Pictures
Sexy Nurse Halloween costume

There was always something special about those pleated short schoolgirl skirts.

Just how they flew with the wind or were gently blown upward with the breeze.

Just a bit of mesmerizing skirt movement.

As for those sexy schoolgirl tops, well it time to graduate and proudly display your senior cleavage in a tight set top or cut off top.

Another hot Halloween costume idea is the French Maid look.

The French really know how to look sexy and hot, and the French Maid look is ooh la la.

What man can keep his eyes off a sexy French maid as she tidies up the room in her sexy black mini skirt and low cut, form-fitting top.

Yes, the guys' eyes will be on you, as you genteelly bend over to pickup something from the floor.

Maybe, a policewoman uniform would be just right for you.

You know that a woman or man in a uniform turns on a lot of people.

So perhaps the sexy look of a policewomen in short skirt and cut off top is a sexy Halloween look.

We are sure that any guy would like to be searched and padded down by a sexy policewoman.

Or if you are still undecided, just relax and watch more photos as these Playmates Try On Halloween Costumes.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Halloween Shopping with Sexy Playmates.

Lady Gaga Sexy Unveiling

Lady Gaga in a studded demin costume with shoulder pads
Lady Gaga booty rocking performance

Just when you thought that Lady Gaga would be totally hidden behind a costume a la the VMA, she breaks out of the mold again.

Performing live at the Dar Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, Lady Gaga displayed plenty of skin in some very sexy costumes.

With shoulder pads being so popular with designers this season, Lady Gaga wore a denim outfit with ballooning pointy tip crescent moon shaped shoulder pads.

Also atoning to the popular celebrity fashion and rock and roll culture themes, her costume was a glitter with silvery studs.

Lady Gaga gray ultra mini dress and fishnet pantyhose
Lady Gaga ultra mini and fishnet pantyhose

The top of her denim costume was corset shaped with ties in the back, exposing Lady Gaga power packing booty in fishnet pantyhose.

Completing this outfit were a pair of black studded knee high boots, tied tightly in the front.

Showing her love of fashion, her sets reminded us of those surreal Parisian fashion shows with the words Haus of Gaga and Candy Worhol being projected onto to floating, cloth screens during her performance a la the Parisian runway.

Lady Gaga also performed in a light gray outfit also with ballooning shoulder pads.

This ultra mini dress - sexy top - was worn with a pair of fishnet panty hose.

Well, we are glad to have Lady Gaga back - sexy costumes and all.

Also, enjoy some additional photographic coverage of Lady Gaga - Washington, DC performance.

What up next for Lady Gaga?

Well, she is slated to honored as a Rising Star at Billboard Women in Music event in New York City on Friday, October 2.

For the latest Lady Gaga news and photos go to Lady Gaga Fashion News Stories and Pictures.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Lady Gaga Sexy Unveiling.

Yumi Sugimoto Friday Magazine Photos

boys online magazine

Yumi Sugimoto Japanese actress shoot for Friday Magazine photos

TYRA Beauty Inside & Out

celebrity news

Long hair, body painting and hairy eyes, a beautiful landscape photo model presented a major director. She appeared in a magazine sexy TYRA a Hollywood celebrity magazine.

Celeb and Two Long Horns

celebrity magazine

Celeb and two long horns pose for star magazine

Surfer Girl Poses for Male Sports Magazine

boys online magazine

Surfer girl poses for male sports magazine