Heart Throb - Paul Wesley on Cloud 9

Actor Paul Wesley flexes his muscles on the set of Cloud 9

Actor Paul Wesley flexes his muscles on the set of Cloud 9

Male actor Paul Wesley, a heart throb pin-up to millions of teenage girls through his roles as Tommy Callahan in the TV series Everwood and Tommy DeFelice in American Dreams, stars as Jackson Fargo, the Malibu surf kid who becomes Burt Reynolds' assistant beach volleyball coach in Cloud 9, the sexy, comedy motion picture to be released on DVD by Fox Home Entertainment on January 3rd, 2006.

Paul Wesley made his daytime television debut in the soap opera Another World as the character Sean McKinnon. After the cancellation of Another World by NBC, Paul joined the daytime soap Guiding Light as the troubled teen Max Nickerson in June 1999.

Paul Wesley career has included guest appearances on a number of television shows including
Wolf Lake, CSI-NY, CSI-Miami and Law and Order.

Paul Wesley plays assistant coach to the stripper beach volleyball team

Paul Wesley plays assistant coach to the stripper beach volleyball team

Born and raised in New Jersey, Paul Wesley became interested in acting after enrolling in a summer arts program in the third grade. Paul studied at Rutgers University and is hoping to eventually forge a career in writing. His favorite activities include ice hockey, snowboarding, and playing the guitar.

Over the next few columns, we will be bring you exclusive behind the scenes stories and photos from the set of Cloud 9, including exclusive photos of super model Angie Everhart - Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Lingerie Bowl hostess, Miss USA - Kenya Moore, former Miss Panama - Patricia De Leon, Katheryn Winnick and more.

Cloud 9, a sexy, comedy movie, was written and produced by Burt Kearns and Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures and Albert S. Ruddy, Academy Award winning producer of The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby. Executive Producer Grey Frederickson won an Oscar for producing The Godfather Part II. For more photos and stories on Cloud 9, visit Frozen Pictures blog.

Strippers - Volleyball and Burt Reynolds Too!!!

With strippers - beach volleyball - super sexy super model Angie Everhart and the Amazon goddess of beach volleyball and fitness- Gabrielle Reece you know that this movie will be hot and super sexy but what is the story behind the movie - Cloud 9.

Gabrielle Reece and Burt Reynolds on the set of Cloud 9
Gabrielle Reece and Burt Reynolds on the set of Cloud 9

Well, it all started when legendary producer Al Ruddy, producer of the Goldfather, visited his son at NYU in New York City.

Al noticed the poster of Gabrielle Reece on his son dorm room wall.

Al said to his son, "I didn't know you liked beach volleyball."

His kid said, "I don't. I like Gabrielle Reece."

Ruddy then told Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns of Frozen Pictures, "we ought to make a movie about beach volleyball."

Mean while, back at the Frozen office, someone had sent over all this footage of a pole dancing competition- exotic dancers, strippers, whatever you want to call them. Brett relates, "We were doing documentaries, pitching reality series, so I brought the tapes home and was amazed at the strength of these women, suspending themselves in midair. I showed my wife, who's a dancer," and she said it's simple. "These women aren't dancers. They're athletes." Bang! Strippers as beach volleyball players.

Super Model Angie Everhart in a red bikini during brake in filming
Super Model Angie Everhart in a red bikini during brake in filming

Sexy super model Angie Everhart shines in the movie as she plays the part of Julie, the stripper turned beach volleyball star as she faces down beach volleyball legend Gabrielle Reece on the sand.

"Before this movie", commented Angie Everhart "I never played volleyball before! I think everybody should get out there and do it. Our country would be a lot slimmer if everybody played volleyball. It's one of the hardest things I've done. I have bruises!"

Angie Everhart on motor cycle
Angie Everhart on motor cycle

"But I think it's more difficult playing a stripper", stated Angie Everhart. "To be an athlete is something that I've always wanted to be. You know, I love sports. I love anything extreme. And I kind of get into having battle wounds. It's kind of cool."

"But being a stripper was harder for me", commented Angie Everhart, "because they wanted me to do a lap dance and I think there's an art in doing lap dances and there's a way that the girls do it and I wasn't prepared to do a lap dance. It's kind of hard. And intimacy is involved when it's not an intimate situation. It makes it more difficult."

Christina Hansen played by Gabrielle Reece jumps for the shot as camera rolls
Christina Hansen played by Gabrielle Reece jumps for the shot as camera rolls

"The part of Christina Hansen was written specifically for Gabrielle Reece," says Burt Kearns of Frozen Pictures, who wrote and produced Cloud 9 with Brett Hudson and Academy Award winner Albert S. Ruddy. "We knew she was impressive on the sand, but who could have expected her presence on screen? She's a powerful athlete who combines the elegance of Uma Thurman with the grace of Charlize Theron. And she does action better than both combined."

"Beach volleyball is probably the sexiest women's sport," commented Gabrielle Reece. "So if you're trying to really maximize your sex appeal value, you would get strippers and beach volleyball players somehow moshing together."

Patricia de Leon, Katherine Winnick, Marnette Patterson & Kenya Moore - The Bonsais
Patricia de Leon, Katherine Winnick, Marnette Patterson & Kenya Moore - The Bonsais

Adding some sexy spice to the movie are the bikini clad strippers turned beach volleyball sensations, The Bonsais, played by Patricia de Leon, Katherine Winnick, Marnette Patterson & Kenya Moore.

Presiding over this whole group is Burt Reynolds who plays a con man who forms the world's sexiest beach volleyball team-- with strippers!

The Cloud 9 will be released by Fox Home Entertainment's Jan 3, 2006.

The Cloud 9 DVD bonus features produced by Frozen Pictures include the featurettes Hoosiers Meets Hooters: Behind Cloud 9; Burt Reynolds Fight Club: Directing A Rumble; and Being Gary Busey: The Cameo Outtakes.

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