Sexy, Pink and Punk - Avril Lavigne New Clothing Line

Credit: Splash News
Avril Lavigne on the run in hot pants, pink t-shirt and tights

She knows what girls want - sexy, hot and affordable cloths.

We know that girls love to dress like their favorite girlhood idols.

Girls, especially teenagers and 20 somethings, just love to capture the look of their favorite celebrity fashion style.

Knowing all this, you just got to love this new clothing line designed by and modeled by Avril Lavigne.

Not only are these cloths hot and sexy, very pink and punk, but they are also based on outfits that Avril Lavigne worn during her live concert appearances.

Hot Pants and Skulls

Avril Lavigne fashion line Abbey Dawn, coined from her childhood nickname Abbey Dwan, captures several fashion trends including hot pants, skulls and zebra patterns leggins.

These fashion design elements were also captured in her album cover - The Best Damn Thing.

These cloths are not only fun to wear but look hot and sexy in motion, whether on a dance floor or a concert stage.

Avril Lavigne in zebra leggings, white shirt with zebra tie
Credit: Splash News
Annie Hall or Zebra Look?

One of our favorite items from the collection is the black pair of cuffed hot pants, bright pink leggings, bright pink t shirt with the skull and cross bones in white, and ankle high black boots.

This is a great teen outfit and it looks great in motion as we watch Lavigne romps through the set in this outfit with her long blond hair streaked with pink, of course, blowing in the wind.

This is certainly an energized outfit that would look hot and sexy on any teen.

Annie Hall in Zebra Strips?

This outfit is kind of intriguing although I am not sure if all the elements belong in one look.

I do adore the white shirt, black vest and bright zebra tie - sort of a punk version of that classical Annie Hall look.

The zebra stripped black and white leggings are very cool. I really love vivid prints.

Avril Lavigne in a bright yellow knit cap, yellow with black and white strips short sleeve shirt
Credit: Splash News
Avril Lavigne Preppy Look

Although we love the beehive hairdo, in this case, it tends to draw attention away from the outfit.

The beehive hair style should complement a fashion look rather than dominate it.

A beehive hairdo can be great if it is incorporated into the total fashion look. Some of our favorite beehive hairdo wearers were Audrey Hepburn in one of our favorite movies Breakfast at Tiffany's, that really fab actress Joanna Lumley who played Patsy on the cult favorite British TV series Absolutely Fabulous and Marge Simpson who wears that overpowering blue beehive hairdo in the U.S. TV comedy show The Simpsons.

Preppy Look

With a bright yellow knit cap, yellow with black and white strips short sleeve shirt, denim mini skirt, fishnet pantyhose, this preppy looking outfit would look great on campus or at the mall.

Abbey Dawn Collection.

The Abbey Dawn Collection by Avril Lavigne is being produced by Kohl and will be available on line and in their stores.

The reasonable priced line, with everything in the collection priced under $48, is sure to catch on with the teen and the 20 somethings girly set.

Sexy and affordable, just the way we like it.

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Is Jessica Simpson Fat?

Is Jessica Simpson fat or do her pants make her look fat.

See for yourself in todays Jessica Simpson video clip.

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Sexy Bikini Fitness Model Alessandra Ambrosio

The temperature may be low but this is the time for those hot bikini shoots.

It maybe January but Spring Break is just a few month away.

We can always daydream about the summer or for us snow bunnies, manage to get away from the cold to a warm, sunny beach.

If we need an incentive to go to the gym and work out during these cold months, just take a look of these bikini pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio during a photo shoot in Mauritius in the Mascarene Islands for Victoria's Secret.

Alessandra Ambrosio in tied aqua marie bikini with pink flower design with Wet Hair Look
Alessandra Ambrosio bikini shot
Wet Hair Look

Alessandra Ambrosio looked super sexy in this aqua marine bikini top with pink flower petal designs and bikini bottom with ring tied.

Whether flinging her golden streaked hair to the wind or presenting a very wet hairdo look, one must admit that she is truly a stunning model.

It's only been 5 month since Ambrosio gave birth to a beautiful 6.3 lbs. baby girl Anja Louise last August and she managed to get rid of all the baby fat by working out.

In fact, she was in tip top shape for Victoria's Secret annual fashion show which taped in November, 2008, less than three month after giving birth.

Victoria's Secret Binkini Model runs through water
Victoria's Secret Binkini Model runs through water

Ambrosio has appeared in all the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows since 2000.

Her most famous walk down the run for Victoria's Secret occurred in 2005 when she was wearing lingerie made entirely out of candy.

Her former roommates were also top Victoria's Secret model Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima.

In additional to her multimillion dollar Victoria's Secret contract, Alessandra also models for Armani Exchange and Next U.K.

According to Forbes magazine, Alessandra Ambrosio ranked fifth on the top 10 richest supermodels list with earnings of over $6 million.

Ambrosio is also a designer with her own line Sais by Alessandra Ambrosio.

So take a good look at Ambrosio fit and trim bikini body, and then head to your favorite gym. Remember, summer is just a few months away.

For the latest Alessandra Ambrosio news and photos go to Alessandra Ambrosio Fashion News Stories and Pictures.

John Galliano's Unviles Dior Collection

Fashionista Dita Von Teese and French Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard were in Paris Monday for the unveiling of John Galliano's latest collection for fashion house Dior.

Watch the video clip for a view of John Galliano's collection for Dior, with comments from Dita Von Teese and Marion Cotillard.

If you cannot see the photos or video in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Bikini Fitness Model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Taiwanese babe : Ayumi ( MaAchi)

It seems some crazy people created a Friendster page with the name Faith Ong using her pictures and added a few Sexy pics of some other girls.

The photos of Faith Ong that caught the attention of newspapers in Singapore and created a hot wave on the Internet are of a Taiwanese babe by the name of Ayumi, nickname MaAChi. She is a young model who likes to camwhore.


Korean Girls Model for This Week

Korean girls, model

Korean girls model for this week. She use sexy dress, brown is very fit with her skin color.

Best Smile of Top Asian Model

Korean girls, models

Best smile of top Asian model. She is pretty and have a white skin which healthy.

Asian Girls Model with Fishnet Stocking

Asian girls model

Asian girls model with fishnet stocking. This is best photo from her.

Hwang Mi Hee with Racing Queen Costume

Asian models

Hwang Mi Hee with racing queen costume with yellow nuance. She use sexy high heels in yellow too. Look her legs, wow very sexy.

Celebrity Model for Bvlgari Magazine

Asian celebrity

Celebrity model for Bvlgari magazine. She has sexy eyes and sweet smile.

Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

That most romantic holiday of the year is almost here, of course, we are referring to Valentine's Day.

So, we have come up with some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas that are sure to kindle or rekindle a bit of romance in your relationship.

Considering the current economic climate, we prefer gifts that are practical, as well as fashionable.

Gifts that will not only provide lasting memories, but will indeed last a long time.

We always adore fashions that enhance our great features, yet conceal those unwanted features.

This Romantica Hearts Gown is a truly a exquisite outfit, to cuddle up with that special person on Valentine's Day or to make any day, your personal Valentine's Day.

Most women love them long, earnings that is.

These beautiful Cascade Drop Earrings are really long.

These gorgeous earrings have three strings of sparkling rhinestones dripping from the central rhinestone decoration.

Just ready to capture and reflect the moonlight or your candle lit boudoir.

Yes, beautiful, sparkly and long, just the way we like it.

We always love the magic a sexy corset can make - it enhances the cleavage while flattering and trimming the waistline at the same time.

Now that the kind of magic that can really get us excited.

This very sexy and magical Satin Rose Bustier can do the trick for us.

This stunning satin rose bustier is made of stretch satin and gorgeous lace.

It features underwire pushup cups to enhance your cleavage, boning to keep your waistline thin and adjustable shoulder straps.

A beautiful rose color panty is also included as part of this very sexy corset set.

Valentine's Day Lingerie

For some more Valentine's Day gift ideas, including some very sexy lingerie, watch Ford Model Jen Araki as she shows, models and tells us about her favorite Valentine's Day lingerie in today's video clip.

If you cannot see the photos or video in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas .

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Hot Celebrity Bikinis Warm the Winter Chill

Lauren Budd in black bikini and David Williams in swimwear

Credit: Islandpaps / Splash News
Lauren Budd and David Williams enjoy the ocean

While most of the states shiver under a wintry blast of cold air, some celebrities are taking to the warmer climates.

Not quite A-List material, English comedian David Williams from the UK TV show Little Britain is seen with sexy model Lauren Budd.

Not sure who Lauren Budd is, but she definitely possesses a great bikini body.

Lauren looks super sexy in her black tied bikini with gold trim.

In fact, Lauren is the third celebrity spotted in a black bikini this year, thus she joins the ranks of Lindsay Lohan and AnnaLynne McCord also spotted in black bikinis.

Marisa Miller in black string tied bikini poses for Victoria's Secret swimwear photoshot
Credit: Splash News
Marisa Miller poses for Victoria's Secret photoshot

Although it may be cold outside, we are sure to warm up to the hot swimwear magazine specials that come out this time of year.

Already, Maxim has a swimwear issue on the stands and SI will be following shortly.

Marisa Miller at Victoria's Secret Swimwear Shoot

At Flamands Beach, St Barthelemy, in the Caribbean, Victoria's Secret is busy photographing their swimwear collection.

Caught in action is model Marisa Miller, who graced the cover of SI 2008 Swimwear issue.

Marisa is captured in a black string bikini with gold and rose metallic details with tied bikini bottom.

Marisa Miller is one of Victoria's Secret top swimwear models.

Her swimwear modeling partners at Victoria's Secret are Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum.

Yes, its looks like 2009 will be another top year for the string bikini.

Taylor Momsen dressed in black coat and ankle boots in the snow covered set of Gossip Girl
Credit: Splash News
Taylor Momsen in the snow covered location shot for Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen in the Snow

Taylor Momsen maybe the lady in black on this snowy day.

Taylor is wearing a black coat, black stockings tights, black fingerless gloves, black handbag, black tied ankle boots, dark aviator sunglasses and gold earrings as she walks on the set of Gossip Girl which is filming on the Lower East Side in New York City

Taylor Momsen plays the character Jenny Humphrey on the states side CW TV show Gossip Girl.

Fantasy Fest Homemade Bikini Contest

For some people, the store brought brand of bikini are just not sexy enough, they love to roll their own sexy designs.

So watch as these sexy lassies create some very sexy fantasy fest homemade bikinis.

This video clip might even give you an idea or two on how to enhance your bikini look.

If you cannot see the photos or video in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Hot Celebrity Bikinis Warm the Winter Chill.

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Good Personality and Famous People

Good Personality and Famous People

Good personality and famous people

Beautiful and Favorite

Beautiful and Favorite

Beautiful and favorite

Adriana Lima in Natural Makeup

Adriana Lima, Brazilian model

Adriana Lima in natural makeup. She look adult and sweet.

Pink Bikini is My Favorite Fashion

Pink Bikini is My Favorite Fashion

Pink bikini is my favorite fashion. I seen sexy and sensual. More photographer like my pose.

Adriana Lima Pose for Boys Magazine

Adriana Lima Pose for Boys Magazine

Adriana Lima pose for boys magazine. Blue is fit with her healthy skin color.

Our Body Painting collection of Sexy Halloween Costumes

This costume certainly look hot! Woe, Catching become eyes! Haha… pretty cute too!

This one looks tasty! Hungry ..... !

None of the above fit your taste? Then, perhaps try this superwoman costume! Make your bla bla bla super big too! :)

Anyone want some cola light? Nope, I guess, but you want to try on the bla bla bla. :)

Lovely butterfly!

Wow, tasty too! Can see her perky bla bla bla! Haha…

Sexy costumes are what make you stand out on the Halloween night. Now, check out our collection of Sexy Halloween Costumes! With these sexy costumes, you will become the hit of any Halloween party!


BALLON are boy’s favorite toy

That’s a boy’s favorite toy! A pair of huge boobs! Boys, sxxx the tits hard!!!
Do you know what is a boy’s favorite toy? No, it’s not the latest gadgets, not cars and certainly not fashion accessories! Okay, let me tell you the answer



belum lama berselang Maia Estianty tak ingin larut dalam masalah. Pelantun Emang Gue Pikirin itu membuang penat dengan berlibur ke Bali bersama teman-teman dia berjuluk geng tempe, Di antaranya ada Aming, Mey Chan, Shanty, dan Edric Tjandra. Di Pulau Dewata mereka bertemu Dewi Sandra.

Bersama-sama mereka berkeliling ke sejumlah tempat. Termasuk memenuhi undangan sebuah radio swasta di Bali untuk jumpa penggemar. Tak lupa mereka juga mencicipi makanan khas di sana. Dalam perjalanan ke Nusa Lembongan, di tengah laut Maia mendapati turis asing terombang-ambing di tengah laut. Maia menolong mereka dan di tengah jalan mereka pun berpisah.

Puas berkeliling Maia Cs beristirahat di sebuah vila asri di Bali. Dewi turut diajak karena geng tempe hendak memberi kejutan. Mereka menganugerahi gelar Tempe Award kepada Dewi berupa empat bungkus tempe. Istri Glenn Fredly itu senang dan mengucap terima. Tak lama berselang, Dewi pamit pulang

gENK TEMPE hura hura di Bali POesta Pantai juga Bm Bm Apa dibayarin Sponsor tuh !!!
Ternyata bukan hanya anak motor, anak SMA, atau anak ABG yg suka bikin geng-gengan, dikalangan selebriti pun ternyata ada geng yg bernama Geng Tempe yg beranggotakan aMING Dewi Sandra, Shanty, Edric, Pipit dll. geng ini kayaknya happy terus, party sana sini, liburan kesana kemari pokoknya tiada hari tanpa tawa, nah gimana nih apakah geng ini akan jadi fenomena tersendiri, apakah akan seterkenal Geng Nero ?

pasti TS abis nonton liputan liburan maia kemaren ya...

emang maia dkk low profile ya... genk tempe...beda lah sama mulan...

genk soppp daging kambing...


Britney Spears sexy tape stolen on stage

Britney Spears sexy tape stolen on stage

tape was allegedly stolen in her Los Angeles home. The thieves allegedy took X-rated collection of photos, videotapes and dominatrix style costumes.

According to the The Daily Star, "Britney is beside herself with worry - having your home broken into is bad enough for anybody, but when you're famous and you have had some pretty personal things taken, it's ten times worse.


Thai Queen Racer She's Sexy and Cute

Thai Queen Racer She's Sexy and Cute

Thai queen racer she's sexy and cute

Race Queen with Thai Girls Model

Race Queen with Thai Girls Model

Race queen with Thai girls model

Thai Race Queen with Sexy Pose

Thai Race Queen with Sexy Pose

Thai race queen with sexy pose

Top Super Model 2009

Pose Photo Hot Sexy blognakal For All Super Model, Supermodel International, Asia, Indonesia, Thai, Singapore, Korea, Hollywood, Bollywood, Sexy Super Model Bikini, Model Sexy SuperModel Lingerie SuperModel Category Photo Hot Sexy Actors, Actresses, Supermodel, Musicians, Athletes