Sexy Brazilian Model Gisele Bundchen Flashes for London Fog

Pregnant Gisele Bundchen shows off body in sexy ad campaign
Gisele Bundchen under the studio lights.

She may be pregnant, but sexy model Gisele Bundchen is still modeling.

The very stunning Brazilian model just completed a photo shoot for coat maker London Fog.

Gisele Bundchen appeared au naturel under various London Fog coats to create some very sexy photos for the fall campaign.

Pregnant Gisele Bundchen shows off body in sexy ad campaign
Gisele Bundchen in London Fog coat.

The photos tastefully displayed Bundchen exquisite legs and stunning cleavage, as she seductively posed in those classic trench coat designs by London Fog.

Whether we harp back to Casablanca or an enchanting flasher under a trench coat, Gisele Bundchen looks very sexy, hot and seductive under the trench coat.

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Akane Soma Japanese Popular Model Photo

Akane Soma

Akane Soma Japanese popular model photo

Maya Karin VJ from Germany

magazine people

Maya Karin VJ from Germany, girls model photo with sexy pose and sweet smiley

Selina Pose for The Daily Taiwan Magazine

sexy Taiwanese girls Pictures

Selina pose for The Daily Taiwan magazine

Charlene Choi Hongkong Singer - Actress


Charlene Choi Hongkong singer - actress

Yui Ichikawa Japanese Actress - Model

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Yui Ichikawa Japanese actress - model. Her talent agency Ken - On

Creating Awesome Bikini Photos

Bikini model Cristina DeHart floating in a portable pool in white bikini
Bikini model Cristina DeHart floating in a portable pool.

Whether you are preparing for a high fashion swimwear bikini shoot or just want to create a striking, sexy bikini picture for your guy, here are some great tips for creating the perfect bikini picture from model Cristina DeHart.

Founder of the modeling site, DeHart has created a site that provide information for new models. The site includes informative modeling tips and trick videos which are based on her fifteen years of real life modeling experience.

So, how should you prepare for a bikini photo shoot.

Wear loose clothing. Wear loose clothing when going to a bikini photo shoot since tight fitting clothing can leave red marks that take a long time to fad.

Manicure nails. Get a manicure since nails are extremely important for any photo shoot, but especially for lingerie and swimwear.

Wear High Heels. Although high heels may not show up in the shoot, they make you look sexy and make your expression look more natural.

Model Cristina DeHart reveals Trick and Traps based on her real life modeling career.

Fake Boobies Chicklets. Fake silicone boobies chicklets are use to help fill out the bathing suite top and enhance your cleavage.

Use Props - Portable Pool - Floats. Use a portable pool, floats, beach accessories to create a beach seting indoors.

Want to show a bikini model floating on the water?

Well, just shoot straight down from a over head position as the model floats on a float in a portable pool below.

Cleanly Shave Your Body. Cleanly shave all parts of you body that will be exposed to the camera during your bikini photo session including arm pits, legs, bikini area.

Body Moisturize. Moisturize your body before a shoot to enhance the lighting of the skin - to produce a healthy glow. Baby oil on the body will produce a great looking shine under the lights.

Vaseline Lips. A little Vaseline spread over lip makeup, will add a shine to your lips.

Work Out. You need to work out to tone up all your muscles so you can look amazing during the shoot.

Spray tan Spray tan your body several days before the shoot so you will not have to worry about tan lines showing in the actual shoot.

Research Poses Use the internet to discover interesting bikini poses that you can use during the actual shoot. Print out your favorite looks for the photographer and practice the poses in a full length mirror.

Nicolita Swimwear Model Search

If you come up with some really great bikini pictures, you may want to enter Nicolita Swimwear model search. Nicolita Swimwear is looking for male and female models who are sexy yet sophisticated, flirty and fun according to designer Nicole DiRocco. Those interested in modeling Nicolita Swimwear 2010 line can submit pictures to Nicolita Swimwear beween July 7 to September 7, 2009.

Nicole DiRocco, the designer of Nicolita Swimwear, says she is looking for someone that can embody the fictional Nicolita character. "We're excited to be working with to find models that can pull off the Nicolita look. Someone who is sexy yet sophisticated, flirty and fun", DiRocco said.

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Chinese Actress Wallpaper

Chinese Actress

Chinese actress wallpaper

Chinese Actress with Perfect Photo and Good Pose

Chinese Actress

Chinese actress with perfect photo and good pose

Fann Wong Singaporean Actress and Talented

highlights for children

Fann Wong Singaporean actress and talented, with languages spoken Mandarin, English, Hakka, Cantonese. Her talents : acting, dancing, modeling, singing, hosting, comic drawing

Fann Wong Singaporean Actress

fun for kidz magazine

Fann Wong Singaporean actress. Talents : acting, dancing, modeling, singing, hosting, comic drawing

Fann Wong Fun For Kidz Magazine Pose

Fun For Kidz Magazine

Fann Wong fun for kidz magazine pose

Why Celebrities Love Sexy Cutoff Jeans?

The heat is on.

Summertime in the northern hemisphere is in full swing and it's time to enjoy those summertime activities while staying cool but oh so sexy and hot.

What look could be a better look for the summertime, than a cool pair of cutoff jeans on a hot summer day?

Celebrities already know that cutoff jeans and ripped jeans shorts can keep you cool on a hot summer day, while turning up the temperature for the guys.

This is certainly the time to show off your well toned and tan legs and enjoy those warm summer breezes on your legs.

Fashion trend setting celebrity and designer Lindsay Lohan knows the sexy power of cut off jeans.

Whether Lohan is wearing a pair of expensive PRPS Ladies Cut Off Denim Shorts or a pair of moderately priced Black Orchid Black Star Denim Mini Shorts, she know the fashion value of a pair of hot shorts.

It's always a bit more sexy to have your jean shorts cut off slightly above the pocket for a more daring look.

Just add a pair of jean shorts to a low cut t-shirt and a pair of knee high boots or sandals to create a very sexy, yet cool summer outfit.

For those who crave a more classic look in shorts for the mall or the movies, Rory Beca Foxy Drawstring Shorts are just the ticket.

These plaid shorts look great with a low cut top and a pair of high heel sandals.

Sexy Summertime Sandals

Some of our favorite summertime sandals are the Ioannia monika brown open toe sandals with beaded embellishment. Just love, the red beaded embellishments and ornament design of these sandals. The red beads really draw attention to these remarkable sandals and complement your red painted toe nails. These sandals look great everywhere and go way with most of your summertime wardrobe.

Another favorite paid of sandals for the summertime are the Chandra Green Sandals. These open toe fabric sandals are light weight and beautifully embellished with decorative cutout details and sequin designs.

All these looks are sure to make the guys sizzle, while keeping you cool and sexy all summer long.

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Beauty Red Fashion for Selita Ebanks

Sexy Girl And Top Model

Beauty red and sexy fashion dress for top model Selita Ebanks

Sexy Girl And Top Model Selita Ebanks

Sexy Girl And Top Model Selita Ebanks Latest Photos-Grey Gardens Premiere New York by World Sexy Girls2.

Sexy girl and top model Selita Ebanks latest photos-grey gardens premiere New York

Smile Picture by Audrina Patridge

Sexy Girl And Hot Actresses Audrina Patridge

Smile picture by Audrina Patridge latest photos-the reef premiere Beverly Hills

Sexy Girl and Actresses Audrina Patridge

Sexy Girl And Hot Actresses

Sexy girl and actresses Audrina Patridge

Canadian Actress Blond Hair Laura Vandervoort

Canadian Actress Laura Vandervoort

Canadian actress blond hair Laura Vandervoort at into The Blue 2 The Reef Premiere Beverly Hills

Jean Paul Gaultier Collection Were Haute Couture meets Hollywood Glamour

Jean-Paul Gaultier Fashion Show - Paris

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for his sexy designs, from the famous breast cone creations worn by Madonna to the cage dress worn by Grace Jones.

Gaultier creations are a sexy outrageous blend that are worn by some of the world most beautiful women including Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Mouna Ayoub, Liliane Bettencourt, Catherine Deneuve.

His fall show, manifest the influence of his past creations including a dress with somewhat subdued breast cones and a wedding dress.

The wedding dress has a coned shaped veil that totally embellish the bride.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Fashion Show - Paris

The wedding dress itself is an ultra mini dress that looks like it was constructed out of transparent bags filled with gold glittery, glitter.

As the bride walks down the runway in white pantyhose leggings with horizontal tears in the leggings, a very popular trend with designers recently.

Another model wore a long black gown with see through lace black top in a total braless look.

Not only were the fashion in Jean Paul Gaultier fall collection based on bygone Hollywood glamour, but the hairstyles were also from the golden age of Hollywood glamour.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Fashion Show - Paris

Another model wore a metallic silver mini jumpsuit with mini version of Gaultier breast cone design.

With long, flowing golden locks very reminisce of Hollywood golden glamour era.

The show held true to the Hollywood theme, with creations named after famous movies and the designer favorite French cinema sirens.

While models paraded down the runway, images of those glamour's sires of the silver screen were hauntingly projected onto a floating blue background.

Among the Hollywood vamps floating on the blue, starry background were Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly, Louise Brook, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, while current celebrities Kylie Minogue and Mickey Rourke graced the front row.

Be sure to see the Jean Paul Gaultier collection roundup for more pictures from the fall collection.

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Aimee Teen Choice for Fashion Critic

Asian teen actress

Aimee teen choice for fashion critic

New Fashion Design for Famous People is Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Pictures

New fashion design for famous people is Miley Cyrus

Good Pose with Nature Photography for Boys Magazine Edition

Asian teen actress photo

Good pose with nature photography for boys magazine edition

Kim Yoon Hae Lightning Korean Actress

Korean Actress

Kim Yoon Hae lightning Korean actress. Kim is girls with good and more best talent.

Artist Magazine Photos

Asian teen actress

Asian artist magazine photos

Celebrities Rip Their Pants - Oh My

Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson in Malibu on her birthday
Lindsay Lohan in ripped and torn jeans.

Use to be that celebrities clothing was indeed perfect in all details - new, maybe never worn before and just perfect for the red carpet or the shopping line.

Today celebrities are embracing a torn and ripped jeans look.

Years ago, a pair of celebrity ripped denim jeans would be cut into shorts or destined for the donation or rag pile.

Not any more, and not from just from the rock and roll celebrity set, but also from the teen to mature celebrity set.

Yes, ripped, torn and faded jeans have become a popular item for the celebrity set.

Rihanna running errands and shopping in NYC
Rihanna in torn jeans and a sexy corset bustier top.

Fashion setting celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, prefer a really torn jeans look.

Lohan is often seen shopping in faded jeans with torn knee and multi rips and tears on her jeans.

Singer Rihanna also embraces the torn jeans look.

She seems to prefer faded jeans with lots of tears couple with a corset bustier top which created a very sexy fashion statement.

Teen star Vanessa Hudgens has a preference for faded jeans ripped at the knee.

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen rocks a pair of ripped jeans while filming on set with Penn Padgley
Taylor Momsen on the set of the trendy Gossip Girl television show.

Even the fashion trend setting show Gossip Girl has been sweep up into the trend with Taylor Momsen appearing in a scene in faded, ripped jeans.

Naturally, publicity seeking reality star Heidi Pratt has incorporated the ripped jeans look into her photo ops.

This trend has not escaped fashion designers, Pencey, Dylan George Alexandra and J Brand are manufacturing faded, ripped and torn jeans for celebrities, celebrities wannabees and the fashion conscious too.

For more Rihanna fashion news and pictures go to Rihanna Fashion News and Pictures.

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