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Janice Dickinson inspects her male models

Janice Dickinson inspects her male models

Whether you are planning to curl up in bed with your laptop and a latte and surf the net or are just looking for some interesting celebrities doings this week, we got you covered with this roundup of celebrities items on the web.

Why does Janice Dickinson, former supermodel and judge on America's "Next Top Model", orders men to strip for her?

Paris Hilton, changes gears to a two wheeler bike after her arrest Sept. 7 for driving erratically and being charged with DUI.

Check out Jessica Simpson

Check out Jessica Simpson

Be sure to pick up a copy of allure at the check out counter, and while you are waiting in line just imagine Jessica Simpson in a shopping cart?

Can't image, than look at the Jessica Simpson photo spread in allure.

Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton split. Harry Morton. Hard Rock Cafe heir, confirmed on the US news show Extra, that he is no longer dating the actress/singer Lindsay Lohan.

Will Kylie Minogue wear this corset on tour

Will Kylie Minogue wear this corset on tour?

This modern Marie Antoinettesque metallic molded corset dress with exaggerated hips may be appearing on rock star Kylie Minogue in her up coming tour.

Kylie Minogue was onboard for designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Spring/Summer show.

Enjoy the weekend, and if you like this new feature just leave a comment, maybe we will include it as a regular Friday column.

From Belly Dancer to Sexy School Girl - Fantasy Costumes

Boy, I just love the movements of a belly dancer - the rhythmical movements of the hips, the movements of the breasts as you undulate and roll that belly.

One of the most seductive dances - sensuous and hot.

This belly dancer outfit is just right for displaying your own rhythmical movements.

The see through royal blue mesh harem pants highlights your legs.

Just watch your audience reaction as you pass in front of a bright light exposuring your glorious legs through the see thru mesh material.

Royal blue string bra top really displays your cleavage, and when you shake your boobies - WOW.

This is certainly, a very seductive costume - now shake and shimmy - and no one can stand in your way.

One of my favorite childhood games was playing doctor and nurse, and today I can live out that fantasy with this sexy head nurse costume.

Ever wonder why the women on Sex and the City always lament that all the good men are taken by the dental hygienist - well it the uniform.

And, this white micro mini dress really shows off your assets. From the stretch satin underwire zip front that really shows off your cleavage to the thigh high stockings legs that highlights your legs, you will certainly be noticed.

But, be careful, since this sexy head nurse costume is sure to make your patient's blood pressure rise.

Hum, doctor do you need anything.

I think most woman just love being daddy little girl, or for that matter, a lusty, sexy school girl.

I just love fantasy, and this sexy little school girl costume is just right.

From the white mesh see thru halter top - wear it with a push up bra to highlight your cleavage or wear it bare if you dare.

The bare mid drift really shows off your well firmed body - well with all those workout sessions at the gym - why not flaunt the results.

The ultra mini skirt really shows off your legs - or a glimpse of your brazilian cut ruffle panty.

I just love those white lace top ruffle stocks - very sexy.

And the high heel silver shoes - yummy.

Your really knock out daddy or your sugar daddy.

This wild and sexy school girl costume is really hot, hot, hot. . .

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Heatherette - Paris Hilton and Nicky Too! - Part II

Paris Hilton gets carried away
Paris Hilton gets carried away

Colorful beachwear was the centerpiece of the Heatherette collection; with hip hope pirates in colorful casual wear.

Beachwear was also included with flashy sarongs, pareos and bikinis.

Towards the middle of the show was more holiday wear: a pair of short lavender shorts held up by white suspenders and paired with a striped violet tunic in cotton.

Heatherette Spring 2007 Collection
- Passport to Paradise - Video Clip

In the end, Paris Hilton is saved by her groom. The show ended with Paris Hilton in a short blue sequined bridal gown marrying Heatherette designer Richie Rich.

Although, the Heatherette show is generally under attended by the fashion press, the boys of Heatherette do have a profound influence on fashions.

Back Stage at Heatherette - Video Clip

So be sure to watch out for trendy accessories featured in the show, such as, the handbags with bamboo handles, gold lame leggings, and short cotton overalls showing up on the spring fashion scene.

See Part I - Heatherette - Paris Hilton and Nicky Too! - Part I

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Betsey Johnson Spring Collection - Colorful Fall Thongs

French parlor doors, decorated in yards and yards of pink satin, set the mood for Betsey Johnson Spring 2007 collection.

The collection emphasized dresses – polka dot dresses, embroidered lace dresses, ballerina skirts, silver micro-minis, and floral-patterned stretch lace tanks tops.

As a former dancer, Betsey Johnson knows how to make a dress ebb and flow, which adds excitement to the whole collection.

Simply one of the best Spring 2007 collections at Fashion Week.

With Fashion Week wrapping up, it time to be laying down a great foundation for the fall season. And, what could be sexier than new thongs - in all those glorious fall colors.

I just adore the intricate lace details in this tanga thong panty.

The very hot lace up back corset ribbon just adds that scrumptious, sensuous look to your booty.

Hum, this lacey pink or black thong is just the ticket to add sex appeal to those low cut jeans, wrap skirt, mini skirt or dress.

This is just the thong for getting down on the dance floor or under a sexy baby doll outfit for a hot time at home. Need I say more . . .

Fall is in the air.

Its time to add some colorful new thongs to your fall wardrobe. Make sure you have a colorful array of the latest fall colors thongs. So, when you are racking up those leaves in those low cut - low rider jeans - you can display your beautiful fall colors to the world.

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Pillow Fights to Babydolls – It's Monday Again

Sleeping Over - Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon
Sleeping Over - Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon

Feathers fly as a group of girls embark upon a pillow fight.

Well, you know how these things begin.

A group of girls get together for a sleep over.

They begin to talk about boys – kissing and you know, one thing leads to another.

Anyway, I though this funny video clip would be a great way to start the week, which is also Fashion Week.

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon

The video clip, by the way, is from the 70's Show, featuring Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon.

We all know about Jessica Simpson, but what about some of the other cast members?

Mila Kunis big break came in 1998 when she was casted as the part of young Gia in the HBO movie Gia.

The movie Gia was based upon supermodel Marie Carangi a gorgeous Philadelphia native who arrives in New York City to become a model and immediately makes an impression on high-powered agent Wilhelmina Cooper

Let the feathers fly
Let the feathers fly

The adult version of Gia was played by Angelina Jolie, who won the Golden Globe, SAG Award- Best Leading Actress in 1998 for this part.

Mila Kunis played the part of Jackie Burkhardt on the '70s Show since it premiere in 1998 and she is also the voice of Meg on the animated television series, The Family Guy.

Laura Prepon, is another regular on the '70 Show, playing the part of Donna Pinciotti.

Jessica Simpson's Appearance On That '70s Show - video powered by Metacafe

Prior to getting the role on That '70s Show, Laura Prepon modeled in Paris, Milan, and Brazil.

Laura Prepon has graced the cover of Maxim magazine and done a TV advertisement for GAP clothing.

Well, if you are having a sleep over or just want to look your best - sexy, babydoll lingerie is the way to go.

I really love sexy looking baby doll lingerie.

This very sexy Marabou trim babydoll is a real knockout.

The Marabou Trim on this babydoll and the sheer material will complement your body.

Really a hot, sexy babydoll outfit, just the way I like it.