Heatherette - Paris Hilton and Nicky Too! Part I

Gold lame thong bikini bottom

Gold lame thong bikini bottom

Is it a fashion show, a mystery play or a club event?

With the boys of Heatherette, the design team of Richie Rich and Traver Rains, you never quite know.

However, one thing is for sure, Heatherette fashion shows are always exciting - never boring.

An, with those two publicity hounds - the Hilton twins Paris and Nicky as the center of attraction along with a Chihuahua in a blond bouffant wig, you know that the Heatherette show will be noticed.

Chihuahua in a blond bouffant wig
Chihuahua in a blond bouffant wig

The Spring/Summer 2007 show is based on the theme - "Passport to Paradise".

Paris Hilton leads off the show in a leopard dress, wheeling her suitcase behind her - on her way to an island holiday and she is later captured by Pirates.

Blond wigs and lacey chiffon dresses embellished in sequins and crystals with full fluffy underskirts were the focus of the collection.

End of Part I - See Video clips from the Heatherette Show and Back Stage in Part II tomorrow

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