Christian Bautista, Karylle and Other FIilipino Talents Topbill Pan-Asian TV Series "The Kitchen Musical"

Filipino talents shine once more as ABS-CBN stars Karylle, Christian Bautista, and Joseph ThouReyes topbill the first ever pan-Asian television musical drama series, The Kitchen Musical. An original production by The Group Entertainment, the series is set to launch in the Philippines on Studio 23 and in 19 countries across Asia this October.

A multi-million dollar franchise featuring a titillating blend of drama, popular music, sizzling dance sequences and even mouthwatering recipes, The Kitchen Musical is served in 13 one-hour episodes revolving around the exciting world of culinary arts. It is a story about a rich, young girl fresh out of culinary school in Paris who embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she starts working for the Avilon, her father’s restaurant.

With the launch of this all-new series, audiences can expect fresh entertainment that will satiate their appetite for flavor-filled storylines spiced with complex characters while singing along to their favorite hit songs and enjoying delicious dishes presented in an exciting way.

The idea of a musical television series that hones in on Asia’s passion for food has never been done before. We wanted to create a fresh and original concept for the global audience and still well identifiable within the region,” said CheeK, Executive Vice-President and Creative Director of The Group Entertainment.

"Combining gripping storylines with brilliant characters and catchy songs, we anticipate 'The Kitchen Musical' to become an instant classic and favorite with Filpino audiences," said March Ventosa, managing director of Studio 23. "We are proud that Filipino talents like Karylle and Christian have been chosen to play important lead roles in the series, which will showcase Filipinos' talents in the performing arts."

Karylle and Christian will leave with Thou for Singapore to join internationally acclaimed talents undergoing training at a food boot camp to behave, think, and act like chefs before production begins.

Karylle will play the role of Maddie, a talented graduate of a prestigious culinary school in Paris and the new sous chef of Avilon. Coming from a privileged background, Maddie struggles to stamp her creativity and individuality in a kitchen in spite of the many challenges she faces, especially working alongside the executive chef Alex Marcus who is a notorious perfectionist. Alex will be played by acclaimed movie and Broadway actor Stephen Rahman-Hughes who starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams in the UK.

Christian will play the role of Daniel, Maddie’s childhood friend and sous chef of the restaurant, while Thao bags the role as one of the cooks in the kitchen.

Also joining the cast are fellow Filipinos Arthur Acuna, a New York-based stage and screen actor, and Ikey Canoy, a theatre actor and a founding member of the Filipino all-male acapella singing group “Akafellas.” Arthur will hold a key role as Harry, the Avilon’s general manager, while Ikey plays the role of a pastry chef.

(L-R) TGE CEO Nelia Sutrisno, Thou Reyes, Karylle, Christian Bautista and Studio 23 programming head Vince Rodriguez

Behind the production are notable talents including Jason Coleman, Australia’s top choreographer and one of the current judges in Australia’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” Massimiliano Della Maggesa or “Max the joker” who is an international make-up artist known for his work with Alexander McQueen, Donna Karan and Chloe, and respected Filipino conductor Gerard Salonga who will serve as the musical director.

Prior to the launch of the full 13 episodes on Studio 23, The Kitchen Musical’s first episode will premiere on Sunday’s Best of ABS-CBN’s Channel 2. The series will also be available to the international audience via Malaysia’s nTV7, Indonesia’s Metro TV, and on pay TV via AXN, Southeast Asia’s No. 1 English general entertainment channel.

Studio 23 is one of the country's top four free-to-air TV stations. It offers a dynamic mix of local, foreign, music, and sports programs. On the other hand, The Group Entertainment Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based concept shop that is focused on the development and distribution of global content.

This October, watch out for “The Kitchen Musical,” a world-class production showcasing Filipino talents, as it launches on Studio 23.