“The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” Contestants Inspire Sharon Cuneta To Slim Down

The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,” the newest offering from reality show capital ABS-CBN, has proven to be a heavyweight not just in the ratings game but also in the hearts of viewers. The show even became a top trending topic in Twitter during its pilot airing with people tweeting their sentiments as they were touched if not inspired by the stories and determination of the contestants.

After posting a rating of 20.5 percent on its premiere telecast based on the national TV ratings from Kantar Media last Monday, May 30, the Sharon Cuneta-hosted reality show has consistently crushed competition and entered the top five TV programs in the country on a daily basis.

More importantly, the inspiring stories of the 14 “Bigating Pinoy” contestants have moved viewers, even Sharon herself.

When the Megastar first met the contestants, who from being 12 became 14 after an early twist in the competition, they felt star-struck and were at loss for words. But the scenes during the recent weigh-in would show the iconic singer-actress was just as at awe and honored to have met them.

Obviously fighting tears, Sharon made a surprising revelation while the contestants lined up to find out their starting weight.

I had a midlife crisis. I was very angry. ‘Cause I was everybody’s sweetheart all of a sudden I turned a year older, everybody changed. And I lost all desire to look good,” she bravely said.

But after seeing the determination of the 14 to face the truth about their condition and their determination to transform their lives, Sharon regained faith in herself to change for the better.

Thank you for making me feel this. I will work hard to slim down and get back in shape,” she said.

Her encouragements and own sharing created an impact on the 14 - Alan, Art, Eboy, Eric, JM, Larry, Raffy, Ryan, Angela, Destiny, Edden, Joy, Hazel and Winwin - because she made them feel they have one more ally in their journey.

Winwin said she feels at home in the camp, because they have someone who understands them and really cares for them. Raffy also said that his respect for the revered actress even grew higher.

The contestants weren’t the only ones positively affected by Sharon’s approach as a host.

Wilbur Ryan Serrano said in Twitter, “I feel yung sincerity ni #sharoncuneta sa mga @BLPinoyEdition ..if theres a will..theres a way...go go go!!

In the popular forum Pinoyexchange izzzzzlaw also posted “gusto ko maghost dito si ate shawie kase may sympathy sya sa mga contstants , at nagmomotivate sa kanila..”

The people behind the program, meanwhile, hope that while viewers continue to support the program, they also begin transforming their own lives, even if it’s not obesity they have to fight.

On the coming days, they will get to see more action as the trainers Jim Saret and Chinggay Andrada begin the rigorous training for their respective teams. Using different methods, the two are wasting no time in getting the contestants to lose as much weight in time for the weigh-in next week. After all, the group with the lesser average percentage of weight-loss will have to pick one member from their team to oust in the show.

Which “Bigating Pinoy” will fall first and which team will win the challenges with game master Derek Ramsay?

Don’t miss the exciting developments in the reality show that will bring big changes to the lives of every Filipino, “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,” Monday to Friday on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.