Meet the Characters of TV5's "Bangis"

TV5 presents its newest primetime adventure series - "Carlo J. Caparas’ Bangis".

“A wild animal with a tamed heart” – this will set Bangis, a 30-foot almost prehistoric-like crocodile, apart from his species. He shares a nearly brotherly like friendship with his master Eboy, a young local boy together with his family who raised Bangis to be one of their own in a peaceful town were crocodile farming is a way of living…until a series of killings that is apparently done by a giant crocodile placing Bangis as the prime suspect.

This attracted the attention of Leon, a world famous hunter, to capture the giant crocodile. And the adventure begins.

Meet the cast of "Bangis" below:

Bangis - a giant but gentle crocodile who has become a member of the family of Eboy. He is very playful croc and very protective of Eboy. This character will be talking to Eboy through his thoughts ala “look who’s talking.”

BJ Go as Eboy – best friend of Bangis

Oyo Sotto as Leon – a famous wild animal hunter haunted by his past

Danita Paner as Maya – an environmentalist and love interest of Leon

Miriam Quiambao as Josie – the mother of Eboy and Bangis

Rodjun Cruz as Musang – a crocodile trainer and notorious rival of Leon

Felix Roco as Alamid – a nice local boy, friend of Tweety, Lolo Wago and Maya, aspiring to be a hunter like Leon

Yul Servo as Don Serpente – main villain, crocodile farm owner, enemy of Leon’s family

Wendy Valdez as Savannah – a sultry model and scheming wife of main villain Don Serpente.

Bayani Agbayani as Chairman Shepperd – head of town Talim and husband of Bb. Tiririt

Jazz Ocampo as Tweety – sweet and innocent daughter of Shepperd and Tiririt

Marissa Sanchez as Bb. Tiririt – teacher of Eboy and wife of Shepperd

CJ Caparas as Falcon – the constant ally and companion of Leon

Mav Lozano as Puma – brother of Don Serpente, bratty rival of Alamid to Tweety’s heart

Junyka Santarin as Katkat – daughter of Dominador and Savanna and friend of Eboy

Tessie Tomas as Mama Mia – the loving nanny of Leon

Danny Javier as Lolo Wago - the town’s old wise man and grandfather of Maya who wears the secret of the town

“Bangis” is set to premiere this Monday, July 4, on TV5’s Primetime Panalo.

Images courtesy of TV5