Toy Story 4 Movie Coming Soon Reveals Tom Hanks; Green Lantern 2 Follows Suit

Everybody will agree for sure when I say people really can't get enough of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the whole "Toy Story" gang. Now, it wouldn't also come as a surprise that the most famous computer-animated film which grossed more than one billion dollars in worldwide receipts would be seeing a sequel in development even if Pixar already said that the third installment would be the final in the franchise - well, that was before it hit billions worldwide .

And yes, good news! The movie's lead star Tom Hanks spill the beans and (accidentally?) told the BBC News that he's heard a Toy Story 4 is being worked on at the moment.

"I think there will be yeah." Hanks tells the BBC News. "Yeah, yeah, think they're working on it now. There you go."

Just last week, Pixar revealed that the studio will have its second release in 2013 but didn't specify whether it would be a sequel to their hits like Wall E, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles or an entirely new story.

Let's cross our fingers and hope it would be a new adventure for our favorite toy comrades.

Meanwhile, another two sequels are also rumored to be in the works: Warner Brothers has reportedly begun developing Green Lantern 2 and William Shatner has come out and said he won't be making a cameo in Star Trek 2. However, there's no confirmation yet from the producers of this hit films on whether there are plans to do another installments.