Milla Jovovich Stars in ‘The Three Musketeers’

The second trailer for The Three Musketeers was released online June 28, offering a full-length view of the adventure, filled with action-packed sword fights, hot air balloon battles and a flame-throwing spectacle.

The film stars Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) as the irrepressible D’Artagnan who joins forces with the legendary but rogue musketeers – Athos, Porthos and Aramis, played by Matthew Macfadyen (Robin Hood), Ray Stevenson (Thor), and Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans), respectively.

This new trailer shows this latest remake of the tale of the musketeers and their goal to stop a deadly double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and putting the world at war.

In the role of M’lady de Winter, Milla Jovovich, the star of the Resident Evil franchise, is directed by her husband Paul W.S. Anderson, who has loosely adapted the Alexandre Dumas novel.

Also joining the ensemble is Christoph Waltz as Cardinal Richelieu, Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) as Rochefort and Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean) as the Duke of Buckingham.

After a September 30 debut in Sweden, The Three Musketeers opens in 3D October 12-14 in North America, the UK, Australia, France and other European countries, then rolls out in other markets through November.

The Three Musketeers - Trailer: