"100 Days To Heaven," Xyriel Manabat and Jodi Sta Maria Earn Critics' Nods, Top TV Ratings

The teleserye about a successful executive who was killed and given a second chance to make up for her life's mistakes within a time period has not only gripped the nation, but has also won the nods of the country's TV critics.

ABS-CBN's "100 Days to Heaven" is currently the most-watched TV program across the country. Kantar Media reported that the teleserye starring Xyriel Manabat, Coney Reyes, and Jodi Sta Maria obtained a national TV rating of 32.6%, which is the highest among regular programs in May.

The series has also gained nice reviews from TV critics who did not only talk about “100 Days to Heaven” impressive plot but also praised Xyriel and Jodi’s portrayals in the show.

Isah Red of Manila Standard Today wrote that "100 Days to Heaven" is the kind of soap opera that has everyone wondering why it works and is leading in nationwide surveys. He cited two reasons why it is beating competition in the ratings game: novel concept and good performances.

Red wrote in his review, "The concept is novel to many Filipinos. I think the writers have been able to make each week dramatic enough for audiences to look forward to the next level."

In the acting department, Red said the lead child actress "Xyriel Manabat proves that she can deliver punches as well as buckets of tears and the audience are loving her."

"Coney Reyes who plays the older woman must be delightfully amused that she has found her clone. More so, the series is populated with competent performers among whom Jodi Sta Maria and Rafael Rosell," he added.

Tito Genova Valiente of Business Mirror also praised Xyriel as really a mature actor and that her portrayal of the character exudes a sense of truth.

Manabat, because she is so good, is really a mature actor trapped in a cute and charming little girl’s body. Onscreen, she manifests all the mannerisms of a mature person in the character she plays. She is supposed to be the young Anna/Reyes but one realizes that we are not ‘supposing’ anything in and with her,” he said.

Nestor Torre of Philippine Daily Inquirer welcomed the introduction of a street-smart seam artist in the series, that is played by actress Jodi Santamaria. Torre described Jodi's portrayal as "bracingly edgy and textured."

"Unlike many of her contemporaries, she (Jodi) has the imagination and work ethic to act, rather than merely pass muster with lazy, little variations on herself. It would be really great if more young-adult performers would be similarly ambitious and gung-ho creative,” Torre added.

Keep watching "100 Days to Heaven" and find out how Anna Manalastas will find her way to heaven. The show airs weeknights after “TV Patrol.”