Eliza Dushku To Appear in 'White Collar' Season 3

Eliza Dushku is reportedly making a guest appearance in the ninth episode of "White Collar" Season 3.

Here's a spoiler of the said episode from bleacherreport.com:

Things are headed for trouble between con man Neal Caffrey, played by Matt Bomer, and new love interest Sara Ellis, played by Hilarie Burton, midway through the upcoming third season, which launches next Tuesday at 9 p.m.

The show's creator Jeff Eastin told The Hollywood Reporter that when Dushku appears, it’s at “a point where Neal and Sara have broken up.”

And that’s not all. She’s playing someone "who’s obviously very sexy,” Eastin coyly told THR, adding that her character is working for Matthew Keller (Ross McCall).

Surely that’s not the whole story, right? “She ends up having a short fling with Neal,” he teased.

If things go White Collar’s way, Dushku’s appearance may not be a one-and-done. “We did it in such a way that if it works out, we could bring her back,” Eastin revealed.

Eastin wrote on Twitter before the long Memorial Day weekend: "@markgoffman and I are spending the weekend tailoring next week's #WhiteCollar ep for @elizadushku . Wish us luck."

The latest season of White Collar premieres Tuesday at 9/8c.