Korina Sanchez To Anchor ABS-CBN’s "Harapan: Divorce Bill, Ipasa o Ibasura?" Debate on June 12

As the nation commemorates Philippine independence on June 12, ABS-CBN will celebrate freedom of expression by setting the stage for the very first television debate on the controversial Divorce bill.

Anchored by award-winning broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, the “Harapan: Divorce Bill, Ipasa o Ibasura?” debate aims to educate and inform the public on yet another issue that has significance and relevance to every Filipino.

The proposed law, which was authored by Gabriela Party List Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan, legalizes divorce as a course for individuals who want out of their marriages.

The Philippines, known for its high-regard for the family as an institution, is the only country in the world that bans divorce.

ABS-CBN held a ‘Harapan’ debate on the Reproductive Health bill last May 8 that became a trending topic on Twitter and stirred up discussion among the people. Once again, the network aims to clear up the air by assembling a credible panel of pro and anti - Divorce bill so that viewers can make informed choices on the topic.

Stay tuned for “Harapan: Divorce Bill, Ipasa o Ibasura?” this June 12 on ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best.