"Patrol ng Pilipino" Probes Into The Fishkills

Batangas called for help first and then Pangasinan followed. These are the provinces affected by massive fishkills, which were caused by lack of supply of oxygen and congestion in fish cages.

Millions of pesos have been lost due to this problem, and now bigger challenges have surfaced as “double-dead” fish have reached Metro Manila markets.

This Tuesday, June 7, on “Patrol ng Pilipino,” ABS-CBN correspondent Dominic Almelor will dive into the roots of the fishkills and show how the government and the people are addressing the problem.

Meanwhile, look into the inspiring story of the people of Culion in Palawan in the report of ABS-CBN correspondent Chiara Zambrano. Previously known as the land of lepers, the place has erased the stigma and has become a haven for tourists.

See the stories behind the news on “Patrol ng Pilipino” this Tuesday, June 7, after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.