Temptation Island Stars Talk About Their Roles in The Movie

Marian Rivera, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, Rufa Mae Quinto and Heart Evangelista - now collectively known as Regal Film's "The Goddesses of Beauty" - revealed their roles, their favorite lines and scenes in the upcoming Regal Entertainment and GMA Films' remake of Joey Gosiengfiao's 80's classic film "Temptation Island".

The film focuses on four young ladies from different social backgrounds and each for their own various reasons, enlists in the fictional "Miss Manila Sunshine Supermodel Search".

The first of which is the virgin Virginia P. (Heart), a college student who entered the contest in order to earn independence from her family. Next is spoiled, rich socialite brat Serafina F. (Lovi), whose every whim is attended to by her maid Nympha (Rufa Mae), learned of the contest when fliers dropped from a helicopter interrupts her sunbathing at the family pool and out of sheer vanity decided to sign up. Thirdly, the social climber Pura K. (Solenn), while planning her 18th birthday party, when she and her mother argue over the budget, since her once rich family cannot afford the grand debut, Pura K. is forced to settle for a much simpler party. But during their argument, Bambi falls on her birthday cake; when sees the pageant's TV spot, her frustrations over her current situation inspires her to join. Rounding up the group is the crook Christina G. (Marian) a con-artist who plans to rig the contest by using her and her boyfriend's sexuality to influence the judges into voting for her.

The ladies later became the finalists for the competition. En route to the evening gown competition, the ship they boarded catches fire, and the passengers scramble to evacuate. The four women, Maria, Joshua (the gay pageant coordinator played by John Lapuz) and his boyfriend (Mikael Daez), Umberto (one of the ship's waiters played by Tom) and Alfredo (played by Aljur) land on a desert island.

This movie also stars John Lapus, Mikael Daez, Tom Rodriguez and Aljur Abrenica. With the special participation of Dennis Trillo.

Written and directed by Chris Martinez, "Temptation Island" will hit theaters nationwide on July 6, 2011.